A Christmas to Remember: Criniti’s Christmas Set Menu

Ciao foodies, As the holiday season approaches, we at Criniti’s are gearing up to turn your Christmas celebrations into a culinary adventure! Imagine a table laden with an abundance of delectable dishes, each carefully crafted to bring forth the spirit of the season. And the best part? You can revel in this sumptuous feast for just $99 per person!

Image of antipasto plate

Antipasto Plate, Source: Criniti’s 

Kicking off our festive banquet is an artfully arranged platter of Italian cold cuts, adorned with marinated vegetables and an assortment of specialty cheeses. Picture yourself savoring each bite alongside slices of freshly baked Italian bread. It’s a symphony of flavours that sets the stage for the delights that follow.

Garlic Crust, Source: Criniti’s 

Ah, the divine simplicity of garlic! We take this humble herb and transform it into a fragrant, golden crust, adorned with sprigs of rosemary, a sprinkle of oregano, and a pinch of sea salt. And what’s garlic without its companions? Dive into tantalizing dips of semi-dried tomato and olive tapenade, each one vying for the title of the ultimate flavour explosion.

Lemon & Pepper Calamari, Source: Cfiniti’s 

Tender, and bursting with flavour – that’s our Salt & Pepper Calamari for you. Each morsel is a testament to the artistry of our chefs, and when dipped into creamy aioli and zesty chili aioli, it’s an experience that elevates your taste buds to new heights.

BBQ King Prawns, Source: Criniti’s

Imagine succulent king prawns, kissed by the flames of our BBQ grill, then generously basted in a garlic lemon butter sauce. Served with warm garlic bread, this dish embodies indulgence. And for those who like it fiery, a touch of optional chili adds a thrilling kick.

Rigatoni Vegetarian, Source: Criniti’s 

For our vegetarian guests, we present a symphony of roasted eggplant, zucchini, capsicum, confit cherry tomatoes, shallots, olives, feta, and pine nuts, all elegantly choreographed with basil pesto and cradled by perfectly cooked rigatoni pasta. Each bite is a celebration of nature’s bounty.

Lamb Skewers, Source: Criniti’s 

Here’s a dish for the carnivores – our grain-fed Lamb Ribs, where succulence meets flavour. Choose between our housemade BBQ sauce for that classic smoky note, or our chili sauce for an exhilarating kick. It’s a carnivorous delight that will have you savouring every last bite.

Garlic Cream Prawns, Source: Criniti’s 

Picture plump prawns, bathed in a velvety garlic cream sauce, resting atop a creamy bed of Arborio rice. Each mouthful is an ode to the art of balance – creamy, garlicky, and utterly satisfying.

1 Metre Wood-fired Pizza, Source: Criniti’s

Our 1 metre wood-fired pizza offers you a trio of choices to pick from – Lambo, Ferrara, and BBQ Pollo. Each slice is a canvas of flavors, borne from the fiery heart of our oven.

Rocket & Pear Salad, Source: Criniti’s 

Amidst this festival of flavours, a refreshing interlude awaits. Picture the peppery embrace of fresh rocket leaves, mingling with the sweet, juicy slices of pear. Adorned with delicate parmesan shavings and dressed in a tangy balsamic vinaigrette, it’s a palate-cleansing symphony.

Tiramisu, Source: Criniti’s

Conclude this culinary odyssey with a shared platter featuring our irresistible Tiramisu and Cheesecake. The delicate interplay of creamy, coffee-infused layers and the velvety richness of cheesecake is a sweet farewell to a meal that’s been nothing short of spectacular.

But that’s not all! To add a sparkling touch to your festivities, we’re gifting your entire table with a complimentary glass of bubbly champagne!

So gather your loved ones, and let’s make this Christmas a memory-maker. Book your spot today and let the feasting begin! 🎄🍽️✨