Unwrapping Sweet Deals with 12 Days of Christmas at Criniti’s!🎁🎄

Feast & Festivity: Unwrapping Exciting Deals with 12 Days of Christmas Delights at Criniti’s! 🎁🍝

Ciao, Criniti’s famiglia and festive friends! As the festive cheer fills the air, Criniti’s is all set to turn up the heat with 12 Days of Christmas! Brace yourselves for a feast of flavours, unbeatable offers and a sprinkle of holiday magic from December 13th to 24th!

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Day 1 – Free House Drink with a Main Meal! 🍻

Let’s kick-start this culinary celebration with a complimentary house drink of your choice – whether it’s a crisp beer, a velvety wine, or a refreshing soft drink – when you dive into one of our delightful main meals. It’s our way of toasting to the season’s joy!

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Day 2 – Buy One Get One Free Pasta 🍝

Calling all pasta aficionados! Day 2 brings an enticing offer: buy one pasta and savour another on the house. Because at Criniti’s, twirling your fork into a bowl of pasta perfection is twice the delight.

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Day 3 – Free Bowl of Chips with Main Meal 🍟

Craving that satisfying crunch? Day 3 treats you to a complimentary chips bowl of your choice accompanying your main meal. We don’t just serve just any chips; ours are the crispy, golden companions that elevate your dining experience to a whole new level.

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Day 4 – All Traditional Pizzas @ $23🍕

Prepare for a pizza extravaganza on Day 4! Indulge in any traditional-sized pizza at a flat price of $23. It’s a tantalizing offer for all pizza enthusiasts out there.

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Day 5 – Free garlic bruschetta with Main Meal

On Day 5, we’re serving up a burst of Italian flavour with a complimentary garlic bruschetta when you order any mouthwatering main meal. It’s our way of adding a touch of Italy to your dining experience.

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Day 6 – Buy One Get One Free Salad🥗

Revitalize your feast on Day 6 with a delightful buy-one-get-one-free offer on our crisp and delicious salads. Because who says salads can’t steal the spotlight during the festive season?

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Day 7 – Free Bombolini with Main Meal🍩

End your meal on a sweet note on Day 7 with complimentary bombolini for each person enjoying a scrumptious main meal. It’s the perfect sweet ending to your dining experience with us!

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Day 8 – Buy One Get One Free Crepe or Waffle 🥞

Day 8 is all about indulgence! Buy one crepe or waffle and relish another at no extra cost. It’s an opportunity to treat yourself and savour every delightful bite!

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Day 9 – Free Gelato with Main Meal 🍨

On Day 9, cool down and treat yourself with a free serving of gelato accompanying a delightful main meal. Every meal deserves a sweet, frosty finish – and gelato is the cherry on top!

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Day 10 – Kids Eat Free with Main Meal👨‍👧‍👦

Bring along the little ones on Day 10, where kids eat free with any main meal purchase. It’s a family-friendly affair at Criniti’s – everyone’s invited to join the festive feast!

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Day 11 – Burgers and Lasagne at $20🍔🍝

Day 11 presents a match made in food heaven: savour any of our delectable burgers or lasagne for $20. It’s the ultimate pairing you didn’t know you needed – a delightful burger and a hearty lasagne!

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Day 12 – Free cocktail with any main meal🍹

As we approach Christmas Eve, Day 12 brings a festive finale with a free cocktail when you indulge in a succulent main meal. Raise a glass and toast to the season with our classic cocktails.

Join us on this culinary journey as we unwrap joy, one delicious deal at a time. Reserve your table, gather your loved ones, and let’s celebrate the most wonderful time of the year together at Criniti’s!

Book your table now and let the feasting begin! 🎉🎄