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To complete your booking, simply fill out the following deposit form below.

  • Please ensure you have confirmed availability for your reservation of 10+ guests with the reservations team & you have thoroughly read over the following information before completing & submitting this form.
  • Booking Deposit & Payment. To secure your event booking a deposit of $350 or $500.00 is required for reservations of 20 – 39 guests and a deposit of $1000.00 for 40+ guests.
  • Please complete the following Deposit Form to make payment. The final payment can be paid in full on the day of your event, less the deposit amount. This deposit is non-refundable (with exception to the cancellation policy) & will not be reimbursed in any other format
  • The amount will strictly only be deducted from the final bill at your event
  • Please note, deposits cannot be paid with gift cards