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La Festa della Mamma: Celebrate Mother’s Day In True Italian Style!

In both Australian and Italian cultures, no family member is more adored than our wonderful mothers (or ‘madres’ in Italiano). They bring us into the world, care for us with a deep, unconditional love that only a mother can give, raise us with compassionate care and continue to lovingly protect us into adulthood and beyond.

As the maternal heads of la famiglia, mothers are always to be cherished and adored but even more so on Mother’s Day!

Italian cuisine is steeped in historoical traditions that have been passed down through generations (more than often through the female line), carrying special significance as they represent social identity, cultural pride, community and emotional connections. Life’s most beautiful moments are shared over bellisima food with family and friends.

Italians will tell you about their family way to cook a specific dish, using recipes often passed on through generations. For many Italians their first memories are cooking along with Nonna in the family kitchen, learning the basics of traditional dishes and being introduced to the secrets of the family’s favourite recipes; flavourful, simple and authentic, nothing beats la cucina della nonna (grandmother’s kitchen).

Sharing and building on old family recipes is at the heart of the Italian cuisine tradition. Every region, city, village and family has its own interpretation of a dish and that is what makes Italian cuisine so special. It’s also not made with quantities and ingredients but emotions and memories, and this is why Italians are so passionate about food. Since childhood, cooking, dinners and recipes have become milestones of growing up and are deeply ingrained in our Italians roots.

This strong family influence goes beyond cooking skills and recipes, extending to the produce. At the heart of Italian cuisine are the high quality fresh, local and seasonal ingredients like tomato, basil and olive oil which could be found right on the country’s doorstep – or even picked out of the family garden. For this reason it is no wonder why Italian chefs and families pride themselves on using only the best ingredients staying true to their roots.

At Criniti’s, we believe sharing food with family and friends is sacred and should be cherished. We would like to thank our parents and grandparents for inspiring us. Our earliest childhood memories are of waking up on Sunday mornings to the banging of pots and pans, the smell of simmering garlic, olive oil, fresh tomatoes and Ma in the kitchen preparing her famous sugo di pomodoro, spaghetti and meatballs. This is one of our favourite recipes and still one that we use today! See recipe here


In Italy, La Festa della Mamma, or Mother’s Day, is a festive celebration of our mothers, who we see as the cornerstone of the home. Celebrate the best woman in your life with a Mother’s Day breakfast, lunch or dinner at Criniti’s.

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