Criniti's yet again brings the taste of Italy to Sydney with the Pizza al Metro, an old Italian tradition dating back to the early nineteenth century from its birth town of Vico Equense, near the beautiful city of Sorrento, by Pizza Chef, Luigi Dell'Amura. The phenomenon of the Pizza al Metro naturally spread all throughout Italy & even Europe.

Pizza al Metro, the first of its kind in Sydney, is made from the same wood fired crust Criniti’s has become famous for. It is served piping hot to your table on long wooden boards. Enjoy your pizza in 0.5, 1, 2 or 3 metre lengths, with the choice of up to 6 pizza varieties to share.

While the Pizza al Metro is made to share, pizza lovers are also invited to attempt the whole 1 metre of pizza to themselves for the chance to eat free for a year at Criniti’s. Click here to find out more about the Metro Mania challenge.

This summer at Criniti’s, friendships will be tested in the 2 Mates, 2 Metres pizza challenge. Find out who your real mates are & whether they can help you eat a whole 2 Metre Criniti’s Pizza within 1 hour. Click here for more information on the 2 Mates, 2 Metres challenge.