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Metro Mania Tournament


If there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s our deep, everlasting love for our ultimate go-to food – pizza. Whether it’s a lazy Wednesday night on the couch, or a beer-fueled night out we can always count on the hot, cheesy goodness to satisfy – everytime. If you’ve ever stopped to think about how much you truly enjoy that slice of heaven, we can assure you that there is someone out there who’s love for pizza goes above and beyond everything you thought you knew about food appreciation.

We’re no strangers to the shared love for pizza & our passion is crystal-clear through the availability of our fresh wood fire pizza up to…wait for it…3 metres in length. And no, that wasn’t a typo. Three. Whole. Metres. We offer our huge (a total understatement) pizza menu by the metre at any of our restaurants for those in a long-term, committed relationship with pizza.


Action shot at Criniti’s Woolloomooloo


At Criniti’s we’re all about great food, a great atmosphere & delivering an experience like no other…& trust us our Metro Mania competition is definitely one to be remembered. Pizza lovers, you’ll want to tune into this…The first of its kind in Australia, our Metro Mania competition challenges an individual to successfully finish 1 metre of our famous wood fire pizza under an hour for their chance to win a year’s worth of free feeds at any Criniti’s restaurant – not a bad prize if we do say so ourselves! Many have tried, many have failed & many have left us in awe as the impossible had become possible!

It was a coffee-filled afternoon where we thought to ourselves, why don’t we round up the pizza enthusiasts of Sydney to battle it out simultaneously?! We’re all about taking it to the next level & it was then & there where the Metro Mania Tournament was born. I mean, who doesn’t love a good ‘ol fashioned eating competition right? On the hunt for our hungry competitors, we took to social media to find the bravest foodie of them all where we found Fidel, Phil, Sally, Brett, Hannah & Charles who were courageous enough to take on the challenge.


From L-R: Fidel, Phil, Sally, Brett, Hannah & Charles




It was a chilly Tuesday evening on the Woolloomooloo wharf, the smell of our wood fire pizza oven filled the air, as we were ready to witness our pizza-loving food enthusiasts attempt to eat their way to victory with all their eyes on the prize. Hosted by the gorgeous Lydia Barakat (@itslydboss), the crowd gathered to watch one lucky foodie eat their way to the top.



As the DJ rocked the house, the 1 hour countdown started as we held onto our seats (& stomachs) in anticipation & excitement wondering who the lucky champion will be. Cocktails were flowing as laughter filled the room; there were screams, cheers, gasps & some (very…very) unwelcome regurgitation, but that didn’t stop the contestants as they continued to scoff down the 1 metre pizza in front of them.


“It always seems impossible until it’s done”Nelson Mandela


An hour had passed with some unforgettable facial expressions leaving us in stitches but we had our winner! Boss lady Hannah Jones had eaten her way to the top with the utmost style as she paced herself all the way to victory. It’s not every day that you encounter someone that can down an entire metre of pizza under an hour & were more than excited to present her with her prize!

Getting hungry? I know we are! Not to fear pizza lovers, although the competition has ended our standard Metro Mania challenge is available to enter all year round at any Criniti’s restaurant. WARNING: This is not for the faint hearted!



A little victory speech from our winner Hannah:

“So I randomly entered into Criniti’s #MetroMania pizza eating challenge a few weeks before my last Figure Comp…. and was selected amongst 5 other Sydney-siders to compete last night. 1-metre pizza. 1 hour to eat it. And 1 person to win Free Criniti’s for 1 year. Guess who won??? 😝 Massive thank you to @crinitis for putting on such a fun and well-run challenge. There were light, cameras, DJ, an awesome hostess with the mostest and the fans were the best cheer squad. Can’t believe I won!!! Probably won’t having Criniti’s pizza for a long time now but a good thing their menu has soooooo many other amazing items…bombolini anyone????”




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