Frank Criniti, the brainchild behind the success that is Criniti’s today, was born to humble immigrant parents that landed on Sydney’s shores by boat in the early ‘60s.

Frank grew up eating traditional Italian food prepared by his Mamma Rosa where the ingredients were mainly dictated by the vegetables growing in his dad’s garden, his pride & joy, of which he dedicated so much time cultivating. An excess of tomatoes meant there was always plenty of produce for the napoletana sauce prepared daily. His earliest childhood memories include the smell of simmering garlic, olive oil & fresh tomatoes being cooked in a saucepan. Not to mention the annual backyard rituals of making tomato sauce, salami & homemade vino - traditions still practiced today by the Criniti family.

Food preparation & preservation is central to the Criniti way of life & is where his dreams to establish a traditional Italian eatery stems from, affording people the opportunity to experience authentic Southern Italian food in a restaurant environment.

One of the most enduring lessons learnt through his vision is that food & eating is an experience. Like most Italians, Calabrians live to eat. The experience of sharing food with family & friends is one that is very sacred & should be cherished & remembered, which is why at Criniti’s we say, “when you’re here, you’re family...salute!”

“It can never be good enough, there is always room for improvement...” Francesco Criniti